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Hyacinth Iznik Charger


RENTAL PRODUCT - please email us for a quote.

Our obsession with all things Iznik runs deep. A more traditional take on Historical Turkish plate patterns and motifs - the Hyacinth plates are bold, detailed and wonderful; just like their ancient ancestors.. Iznik is the name of a town previously known as Nicaea; which lies some 90 kilometres southeast of Istanbul, and was the site of the potteries of the Ottoman Empire. The Ceramics coming out of this region from 1480BC to 1600 BC became increasingly ornate and complex - rich colors adorned them and they followed storied naturalistic motifs. Tulips - Hyacinth - Carnations. A true flower lover's dream. 

Available in a dinner plate as well.

30 pieces available now

Please contact us to request quantities over 30 for Summer/ Fall 2021

Diameter - 11.5"

These pieces are hand painted in Turkey