Do you have a minimum? We do! Minimums are broken down as follows and are applicable to the cost of wares, not including fees or taxes:

  • Area 1 – $500 minimum, 15 Mile Radius of our Glendale, CA Warehouse (will-call options may be negotiable)
  • Area 2 – $1,500 minimum, Beyond 15 Mile Radius of Glendale, CA, but still inside California
  • Area 3 – $3,000 minimum, Outside of California

Do you offer a will call service? Only for jobs local to Los Angeles (Area 1) under $1,000 in rental cost. There are also some collections (like the Victoire French Porcelain Collection) Which require Ark Specialists to monitor and repackage on-site. For further information, please speak to your Ark Representative!

Can I borrow pieces for a photo shoot? Absolutely! We offer photo packages in groups of 4, 6, or 8 settings. Each package can include a charger, dinner plate, salad plate, flatware set, B&B plate, 3 glasses, napkins napkin ring in your chosen style to suit your taste. Package pricing is as follow:

  • 8 Settings – $500
  • 6 Settings- $400
  • 4 Settings- $250

Package pricing for photo shoots is a fixed amount. If you find that you don’t need the quantities available in our packages to make your beautiful vision a reality, you may speak with your Ark representative about renting in smaller quantities.

For pieces outside of our tabletop collections, or to discuss options for delivery as opposed to will-call, speak with your Ark Rep!

Will you ship your pieces out of state? Due to the fragility of the pieces in our collection, we cannot ship our items in bulk but we will freight them to you! Cost for freight services will vary based on destination and time of year. Please speak with you Ark representative to discuss pricing for out-of-California events.

Can we just pick up the whole order and return it to you on monday? Why does your staff need to be onsite? The Ark’s varied collection is a hand curated compilation of unique and often very fragile rental wares. Due to the hectic nature of the event world, we have found that when left unattended, large portions of our can get mixed in with other rentals and not returned to us. As part of the contract you’ll sign with the Ark, the client agrees to take responsibility for loss and damage of our collections. Having Ark Event specialists on site to manage and maintain the inventory cuts down on the loss and damage costs on the back end of your event.

What’s the cost for delivery? Delivery costs will vary depending on location of the event, the timeline for the event, and amount of product requested. For the most accurate delivery costs, please provide as much information about your event and the utilization of the pieces within the event’s timeline to your Ark Representative.

What is the shipping and handling fee? Actually not sure how to answer this one! Did you mean processing and handling? If so: For events, the Processing and Handling fee is a 17% fee added to the cost of wares.

What does your staff do while onsite? While onsite, the staff of two or more representatives who will act as delivery coordinators, install specialists, and will also stay around to maintain a scullery and inventory during service. We are open to discussing drop-offs and pick-ups, depending on the circumstances, but do recommend utilizing our service team to cut down on loss and damage on your end after the event has concluded.

What accommodations does the Ark require while on site? For the purposes of service, the Ark Specialists on site will require (at least):

  • 1 8′ Table
  • 2 6′ Tables
  • 1 Trash Receptacle with Liners
  • 2 Bus Tubs
  • Water Access
  • Lighting (If the scullery is temporary and lighting is not built in)
  • Additionally, one vendor meal per rep.

Can you custom order pieces for us? Absolutely! Depending on the pieces you are interested in, time could be of the essence. Please speak with your Ark Representative for information on timelines necessary to complete such requests.

Can I purchase pieces from you? Yes! Because the wares we have on-hand are generally allocated for events throughout the course of the year, we often cannot accommodate sales directly from our collection. However, we can source pieces from our vendors to get to you! For further information, please contact your Ark Representative.