The Story

We are collectors of unique artifacts.
We are a rare species of modern archeologists digging daily for uncommon tabletop pieces and other beautiful objects.

Within the ARK we hope you will find collections you cannot find elsewhere. The snow leopards and long tailed songbirds of event decor…

We have set about to create the ARK – a space where all creatives and artistically bent people can come to find objects that satisfy the senses, subtly define a myriad of styles, and amplify their vision. We aim to be the backbone of a moving, and energized event.

We are not your run-of-the-mill, get-a-million-pieces-of-everything-tomorrow kind of establishment. Our approach is more thoughtful and carefully designed. It is intentional and takes time.
We don’t try to be anyone’s perfect everything. We can’t be. What we can be is the cornerstone of a look. We can be foundational or we can give you the magic jewel that makes everything – just right.

what sets us apart from larger decor companies- we believe, is our dedication to cultivating relationships. we work hard to support dying arts and specialty craftsmen/women who have a history of creating timeless silhouettes, and building pieces with their hands. in this world where so many products are mass produced by anyonomous people or machines, we relish the experience of knowing our makers. Tracing the origin of our pieces back to faces, places, and names.

Artists are the base of what we showcase here at the ARK. their vitality and vision permeates how we craft our constellation of pieces. We collaborate with individual artists who run their operations out of backyard kilns, and build each plate by hand; to smaller, boutique-run tabletop companies that have handed down their craft’s secrets over generations. Glassblowing, forging metals, porcelain hand painting, sewing and embroidery. This is just a sampling of what it takes to build the ARK.
Our collections touch many corners of the world thru the hands of our artists – Los Angeles, Connecticut, San Miguel De Allende, Florence – Italy, Paris- France, Bali, Germany, Japan and others.

What we can’t find, we endeavor to create ourselves.

To dine at a table that is beautifully set, and has no detail overlooked – that is the ultimate indulgence. The table is where we connect. Where we live and breathe. Where we commune, share, and build families over many years and thru many trials and celebrations. Let us help you set the most exquisite table of your life and build an event experience that is unparalleled and remarkable.

RENTALS: All of our pieces are available for rent in the United States. Please inquire to request a quote.

EVENT DESIGN: Our owner, Kate Holt has 12 years of experience designing events for clients world wide. With her keen eyes for composition, light, and color she can compose an event for you from the ground up. This is a full-service interior design work up for your event. From tents, to tables, rugs, flooring, lighting, to custom built wall panels and raised bed gardens…whatever your mind fancies. Kate takes your initial thoughts and vision and works them into a fully realized plan. From the overall wide lens view down to the smallest detail. We are happy to collaborate directly with clients, planners, or other design teams. Please inquire for pricing and availability.
Kate Holt’s work has been published in Martha Stewart Weddings multiple times, Brides, C weddings and more. Clients and collaborators include – Tiffany’s, Barney’s New York, Easton Events, Bash Please, Duet Weddings, and many more.

CUSTOM DESIGN DECKS: Not finding everything you’re looking for? Have our design team search out fresh finds for you, dream up custom pieces and design elements for your event that will take it to the next level. We love the challenge of puzzling together unique looks and creating spaces that are unexpected and inviting. This service is available to clients and planners.
Pricing based on needs and acquisitions. Please inquire for more information.